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7.2 billion broiler chickens, each producing between 1.46 and 4.9 kilograms of manure

…Coming to a watershed near you.  OK, well it’s been coming for years.  And coming, and coming.  Great response from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future to Tim Wheeler’s article in the Baltimore Sun about Perdue’s poultry litter pelletization program.  Wheeler does some fine reporting on bay country, but the facts stand in firm opposition to the implication that this is a credible way to deal with the waste generated by factory poultry farming on the lower shore.

The link to the Sun article is here.

The link to the Center for a Livable Future response is here.


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  Naeko wrote @

One particularly useful way to bring this to light is to update the Wikipedia articles for food safety and chicken products with this problem. If there is no mention of chicken debri used as fertilizer, it could be added to the fertilizer section and then an additional reference citation added to indicate that the chicken debri probably has high levels of arsenic in it.

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